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Rough idle ..stalling but only when breaking .. idles great and has a slight hesitation when u get on it hard

It has a rought idle and sometimes stalls when coming to a stop. Other than a slight hesitation when accelerating fast it idles great… any suggestions would be great

Any information AT ALL about the type of vehicle you are working on, the engine, the year, the model, ect, would be even better if you expect even the slightest bit of useful help

That makes no sense.


Additionally, knowing the number of miles on the odometer would be helpful.

Don’t all 1949 Studebaker’s act this way ?

I thought that it was the M29 Weasel that had that problem.

My Craftsman lawn mower experianced the same thing. New set of plugs she was up and running again.

I am pretty sure that the OP must be driving a 1938 Hupmobile, but until he chooses to clarify matters, we are all guessing.

A vacuum leak in the hose that goes to the brake booster my first guess.

Did '38 Hupmobiles or '49 Studebakers have a brake booster?
Until we actually find out that make, model, and model year of the OP’s mystery vehicle, we are all just shooting in the dark, so to speak.

NO, mine was idled and ran great, but 0-60 was probably more than 20 seconds.

without knowing anything about this mystery Ford vehicle . . .

idle air control valve

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Two days later…