2000 Ford Focus: Stalls in Reverse and sometimes in Idle : Rough idle issues

I have a 2000 Ford Focus Wagon with 114,00o miles on it. I’m having a problem determining why it is stalling in reverse and also sometimes while it is idling. I’ve had the idle speed motor replaced, hoses checked, etc. After we had these things done the car seemed a little better but I could still feel the car hinting at wanting to stall.

I also noticed it usually stalls in reverse when I’m turning the steering wheel but not if I’m backing up in a straight line. It also feels like it wants to stall when it sits at a long traffic light. Before I had the idle speed motor replaced it stalled more often - several times a week. However, now it stalls a little less.

On another note, the car seems to idle a little rough. It almost sounds like a diesel engine. It seems to simmer down some once the engine is warm. I had a new water pump installed and a timing belt put in and now I can hear a squeaking sound coming from that area of the engine. I’m not sure if any of these symptoms are related.

Input is greatly appreciated - I’m not sure steps or efforts to take next.



May I assume your check engine light is on?

It sounds like you may have a lean condition

Vacuum leaks
Low fuel pressure

Are you about due for plugs?
How’s that fuel filter?

Had a similar situation in my '02 ZX3–engine running rough all the time, and stalling when idling. Took it to the shop and they said my defunct air condition was draining the power. Since I can’t afford to get the AC fixed, I just had them unplug it altogether. Problem solved.