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Rotors being Crystal

1987 Integra w/ 144k miles - does about 3k miles/yr

The mechanic said that the rear Rotors are being Crystal and replace them along with the brake pads (they are ok).

He also said something about smoothness of the front but he didn’t include it in the list of things to do!

Should I do the rear rotors (& the pads)?

If so what kind of pads should I get?

Who is going to do the work, you or your mechanic?? At 144K miles, it might be time for new rotors and pads, front and rear. Crystallized? They are made out of cast iron. They wear out. get too thin, scored, warped, glazed, but not crystallized…

Actually, if the rotors overheat they can transform to a different type of iron that is stable at the higher temperature. If they cool too quickly, they can form a different, brittle form of iron that is very hard. If both the hard and normal phases of iron are present, the brakes will behave differently. BTW, the phases are different crystalline structures. Maybe that’s where the tech got the term ‘crystal’.

Thanks for both reply.

The pads are good - the car brakes.

Should I go ahead and do a brake job (cost about $300 at the shop for rear set) or just drive for a while until it is time to change the pad maybe?

I dodn’t change the pads - I pay mechanic or at Sears.