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Brake Pad measurements: Front wheel

87 Integra, 150k miles, does about 2k/yr

Mechanic measured the front pads and said one/pair of them is tapered.

MFG min spec: 060

Actual: 131 - 226

Obviously its at least twice as the spec - but its tapered - only when the 226 is worn out to about 060, it will start the high pitch noise.

I do inspect brakes every 2 yrs.

Mechanic suggested change the brake pads - what do u recommend?

Good idea. If we did everything by minimum standards, we would get minimum results. If you do your own work, you might consider changing the calipers too. There’s virtually no expense if you do it yourself. About $250 to $300 including brake fluid. We’re talking pennies here, especially if you just change pads. If I had “fall off” rotors, I would change them too.

Two thousand miles a year? Just change the pads.

Replace the pads, and whatever is causing the taper/uneven wear. Sounds like you need new pad and caliper mounting hardware as well.

I believe you meant to say change the rotors (rather than the calipers), or not.

Sorry. just noticed the uneven wear, scratch that.

Qne question:
It brakes fine (I had the fluid flushed) - Actual (131 - 226) - even the min of 131 is almost twice as MFG min spec of 060 - So I am wondering why do it? At least not for a yr?

The mechanic also told me I could run into ground - then said suggestion - wrote it down as a suggestion.

First, taper wear on brake pads is the nature of the beast. What we are discussing is how bad the taper wear is.

Using your car as little as you do is probably in the worst for developing this condition - so there’s not a lot you can do about it. The question on the table is: Should you do something about it?

My answer: No! It’s not worth the trouble. Change the pads? Sure, but don’t worry about it until you get to the minimum. But you will probably have other problems with the brakes simply because you don’t use the car that much. Worry about those more.

While the lining is still above the minimum, the minimum is what the mfr says is the least amount of brake pad you can have for effective braking. Why wait until the last minute? You’re still down to about the last 10% of brakes. Sure the car only goes 2K miles a year, but suppose someone needs to use it for an unexpected trip, or your daily driver goes down and you need to use it for a while. Brakes are pretty important.

You could just drive it until they grind, but what’s the point? I can’t imagine the basic brake job costing very much, as far as auto repair dollars go.

Starting is optional. Braking is mandatory.