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2001 Honda Accord LE Brakes

How long should rotors last? Both were replaced May 2010 at 147,382m, it is now July 2011 and I have 170,050m. Is this routine or am I just hard on brakes?!!?

It’s NOT routine…

Could be the new rotors were cheap (i.e. thinner) then the OEM rotors.

Could also be your driving…Could also be a sloppy/poor pad installation.

Why are the rotors in need of replacement?
Is it because they are warped?

If the rotors are warped, there are three possible explanations that I can think of:

The lug nuts on your wheels were overtightened/unevenly tightened by someone who did not use a torque wrench when replacing the wheels after tire rotation or brake service.
The rotors were really cheap, made-in-China rotors.
You are really hard on your brakes.

Try to find out the source of the brake rotors from that last replacement. If they were from a good-quality source, such as Napa, then I that think improper tightening of the lug nuts is the most likely explanation for warped rotors–assuming that your rotors were warped.