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Rotational Front End Banging Sound

When I drive the 1991 Stealth for an extended period - more than 50 miles, at least, the car intermittently presents a loud rotational banging sound from the passenger side front end. If I depress the clutch peddle and decelerate, it slows down/stops. It is not a continous noise, and it only comes up every so many months. I have taken it to mechanics numerous times, and there have been guesses/fixes to address the problem, but it is still ocurring. Other than this, the car is in great shape and runs great! Here is what has been done to the car that is relavant: New Rack and Pinion Steering, New Tie Rod(s), New Brake Pads, Transmission Rebuilt, valve re-work. It does not happen continuously, so it does not seem like it would be a CV joint., When it first starts to come on it is noticed most when turning. But then it gets louder and just does it even when going straight. When the problem first started happening, the transmission had been done within a month or two prior, and I noticed one of the trasmission bolts was missig (front center bottom). I was told at that time this was not the issue and since the place where the bolt goes in was stripped, nothing cold be done to replace the bolt, except to take out and replace the entire mount.

Any ideas? We are stumped.

I would replace the drive shaft.

Thanks knfenimore. Any idea approximately what I might expect to pay for that?

You need to have someone remove the differential cover the from the transaxle, and check to see if the side gear pin is hitting the case. They’ve come out with special pin retainers to prevent the pin from coming out of it’s hole.

If this is the problem, eventually the pin will punch a hole in the transaxle case and the transaxle will need to be reolaced.


The Stealth/3000GT are imports, they have Mitsubishi transmissions, not Chrysler.