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Rolls Loyce

I’m a Rolls Loyce fan and I want to know which is the better car, Phantom or Ghost? Also want to know which is larger and which one has sunroof?

Why not buy both, and then sell the one that you consider to be inferior?


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I assume you mean Rolls Royce. New or used? The current Phantom is larger than the Ghost; more suited as a limousine than the Ghost. If you want a used car, specify which model years you are interested in. How much you are willing to spend plays into it too.

LOL, if you can afford a Rolls Royce, you can get all the advice you want at the Rolls dealer.
Is this a real question? Are you funnin’ us?

@the_same_mountainbik-I think the OP is posting just to be posting like when he posted that he was doing a survey on vehicles with unique opening doors.

Additionally, does anyone else besides me consider it a bit…odd…that this person claims to be a fan of that marque, but cannot spell its name correctly?

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Its a Rolls Dice!

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Agree! Since this forum deals with serious car questions, I will pass on any comment. OP might just be able to afford the Flying Lady hood ornament; used of course!

Ahhhh, you mean the “Spirit of Ecstasy”! :grin:

Galant, I liked that answer!

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I’m pretty sure ‘Rolls Loyce’ is the cheaper Japanese version of the other Rolls…


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The Phantom is a flagship model from Rolls Royce. The chassis should be as high as the mini countryman and larger. The Ghost shares many good pros on its own. The interior and the platform is shared with the BMW7 series.

I’ve never understood what people see in those cars anyway. If you’re going to spend that kind of money, you might as well have something that looks like it at least came out of the 60’s.

Saw a rolls the other day with European plates, Rolls Loyce? Are you trying to make an offensive derogatory remark to our friends that maybe stereotyped as mixing an L for an r I mean one time maybe, 2 times really?

I’m with you here, anything that costs that much money had better be able to fly. Speaking of flying, Rolls Royce started out making airplane engines, and still makes them, although the aviation and auto divisions are now separate companies.

Yeah I think Barky may have nailed it. Are they made in China now by any chance? I really liked that show-you’ll shoot your eye out. Of course we all had BB guns and carried them around quite a bit. I like seeing those old cars too. Oh and don’t ever lick a flag pole in the winter up north.

If I could afford a Rolls Royce…I would buy a Bentley Continental GT.

Ah, yes, a Bentley drop-top.
Seriously, I kid about wanting one, but if I suddenly stumbled upon a boatload of money I’d probably buy a Miata… if I could get into it… or a Lexus. I’ve spent my whole adult life focused on practicality and reliability. I’m not sure I could change this late in life. Actually, I’d probably just get a few things done to my Scion and drive that. I like my Scion. :grin:

That thought occurred to me also, but if that was the case then by typing Rolls Loyce, the OP is not doing a very good job of carrying out that offensive type of humor.

@“the same Mountainbike”, are you trying to emulate Warren Buffett? He like many rich folks, don’t spend a great deal on a car even though they can. I used to want a Corvette, but as I’ve aged, my taste has changed. These days, I’d prefer a mid-size luxury sedan. I can still get into and out of anything, but I’m not sure how long that will last. But if I had cubic yards of disposable income, I certainly would look seriously at a Bentley Mulsanne or Rolls Royce Ghost II.