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Roller Derby Destruction

Could roller derby be affecting my driving?? I’ve had a '98 Maxima for the last 4 years with no issues beyond basic maintenance. In the last 6 months, however, I’ve spent over $4,000 on repairs - from a new starter to rebuilding the transmission. It’s (still) one thing after the next. 8 months ago I started playing roller derby. I’m a jammer, which means my basic objective is to go FAST and dodge obstacles without getting clobbered. I’ve realized that I’ve started driving like I jam. I’m a good jammer (no accidents) but it’s probably not good on the car. Do you think it’s just “time” for all these things to start breaking in my car, or could my new-found love of driving like a maniac actually be the reason for the repairs? If so - HELP! I need safe-driving rehab or something. Is there such a thing? Cause of the repairs or not, I need help keeping my derby and driving modes separated. Any ideas? Thanks!

The car is 13 years old and you didn’t tell us how many miles it has. It’s not unusual for a car this age to need some work. Transmissions usually fail from lack of maintenance.

The harder you drive, the more wear there is. If you can’t separate the derby from the road, roller derby could be a very expensive pastime.

Congratulations. I’m a fan of roller derby myself. But keep it on the banked track, not the highway.

That said, it is unlikely that your driving habits are the cause of your auto malfunctions. Considering the age of your car and it’s presumed high mileage, the repairs you have described are normal, perhaps even overdue. It happens to everyone.

I’ll just add that when you are on the road you have no blockers. Even minor bumps and jostling are poor form. You really must find a way to adjust your mindset.

This is going to seem harsh, but if roller derby is making you drive dangerously, you need to either figure out how to separate the two, or stop roller derby. If football players or soldiers had your mindset there’d be daily mayhem on the roads. It is possible to play a sport without driving as though you’re still in the rink.

While what you’re doing probably isn’t hurting the car, if you’re driving FAST and dodging obstacles, then what you’re really doing is speeding and weaving in and out of traffic like a drunk.

Yup, I think it’s “just time”. Driving like a maniac probably isn’t helping.