Steering wheel


What causes too much play in a steering wheel?


Be nice to know the make and year of the car. Could be the rack & pinion.


agreed,maybe its a combine?


the long list is too long to just state. more info would help narrow it down.

vehicle? yr? mileage? how new tires? any front end work done recently? brake job?


2005 Nissan Altima, 4 cyclinder


2005 Nissan Altima, 4 cylinder, 60,000 miles (mostly highway), 4 new tires purchased 2 days ago.


and this is since the front tires were replaced?


Actually it was taking place before the tire purchase, I thought it would subside after tire replacement but I was obviously incorrect.


the bad thing is the old tires are gone. it would be really beneficial to have a look at them to inspect for abnormal wear.

i would think a trip to get a front end inspection and possibly an alignment would be in order. the short list would be replacing tie rods. there are 4 on the car, and usually this type of shimmy is related to one (or more) of them getting worn out. although it could be a bad bearing, steering knuckle or a rack problem. sort of hard to decipher over the 'net. why not go to a shop that specializes in front end alignments?


Sounds good, I’ll have this taken care of tomorrow morning, Thanks!