Tech finally noticed problem

Ok you guys might have seen many of my post regarding our 2011 maxima and how it resists, and is stiff when turning right at high speeds and slightly at lower speeds. So this was m 4th visit back to the dealer after having the car for 3-4 weeks. THey did alignment tests, force road balance, checked speed sensors, called Nissan engineers and everything was ok but the tech I brought it to last said he did feel the difference. THis was Saturday and he called me today and said he test drove another and it felt the same. Basically he explained the power steering and how it shifts etc. etc. and it is suppose to feel like that. I was extremely pissed and not at him because he is actually very nice but how can the car feel so stiff turning one way and feel good going the other way. IT IS NOT RIGHT. I said I was not picking my car up( I have a loaner) until it gets resolved. I was told Nissan has an independent third party that will come out in situations like this to test the car. Wondering if I have any other recourse. Thanks.

Catch-22,situation duplicated but product meets design intent.This will go no where.

Re-thinking this,perhaps you can show that the work they did admitted there was a problem, that means potential for Lemon Law recovery. They may try and say their work was diagnostic in nature and did not constitute the beginning of an attempt to repair a defect,I do not know how this will go

I don’t understand how 4 of my friends/family members and the tech feel this issue and Nissan says it’s normal. It’s not normal how steering to the left it fine but to the right is NOT… ans even the tech says he feels the resisitance to the right but NOT the left and it’s normal??? UGH!!!

This still sounds iffy to me. They checked the aignment so did they provide you with a printout of the alignment specs?

If the specs are fine, tire pressure is ok, etc. then the only thing I can think of is a design flaw in the chassis or a problem in the steering rack. There are a few other possibiities but the odds of their being the cause are so far out there it’s not worth considering.

Have you considered driving another one just to make sure what you were told about another car doing the same thing is not just a line of BS in an attempt to pacify you?

“Independent third party”? Where does this come from? Sounds to me like they’re trying to argue the point with you rather than solve the problem.

Thanks again. Yes they told me to drive another one which I’m gonna do in Wednesday. They said they drove one as well and it felt the same. So what if I drive it and it feels the same? That does nit mean it’s ok to me. Nissan has an indepedant person when problems like this rise. They will send him out to check out the problem. The only thing I have in my favor is the tech admitting he feels the difference? Should I pay others mechanics to drive and verify maybe? This might support my case.

I say no not yet on bringing other mechanics in. You drive the car, remain quite,at the end of the drive announce your findings if you really do feel the difference,when they balk bring out the statement that you will seek another mechanics opinion. I say what I say because it is all a poker game with these people and you do not want to tip your hand. They just may come out with an offer you like but if you made the “I will get another mechanic” statement they may feel offended. Just the way I would do it. Talk when you must,let them put their foot in their mouth. If you get no where,get agressive with the second mechanic plan.

Remember you are up against pros at putting people off.

I think that there is another possibility, OK, and I don’t think that it is that far-out.
My theory (subject to revision with new information) is that the problem lies in the variable ratio power steering.

One possibility is that the OP is making those right-hand turns at a higher speed than when making left-hand turns, or that there is something wrong with the mechanism that allows the PS system to change ratios, depending upon car speed. A defect could cause the system to apply different steering ratios, depending upon whether the car is being steered to the right or to the left.

What do you think about this possibility?

Can you clarify the situation a little more. Your original post indicates that the problem is only on right hand turns and is worse as speed increases. Is that correct?

Check your owners manual to see if the resistance to turning is supposed to increase with speed. Some cars do this but it should affect both left and right.

Sometimes there is a little mismatch between the right and left side power boost do to minor variations within the valve body. The valve or ports may be slightly different in size, but both within tolerance, but this would be a very small difference, almost unnoticeable to all but the most sensitive driver.

You might not like this but right now it’s a complaint not a problem from the perspective of the dealership. The tech may have verified your complaint but so far no one but you thinks it is a problem.

They may bring in an arbitrator to settle the dispute. Usually, once you agree to arbitration, you agree to be bound by the decision. I’d be sure to get clarification beforehand…

If other cars do the same thing, it doesn’t mean it’s not a problem to you, but more than likely, the dealership is going to say it’s an anomaly of the car design and so tough noogies.

Heck, there are a lot of things I dislike about my current cars. Not one has ever satisfied every desire I have for them. I hate the seats in my Camry but I wouldn’t be able to go in and say it’s a problem they should address just because I find them fairly uncomfortable after a long time in them. The point being, if it is something common to the car design and you don’t like it, that doesn’t mean they have to fix it. That’s the battle you’ll be faced with, proving it’s not common and there is actually something wrong. Have you taken them up on the test drive yet? You might want to pick out the car rather than them finding another that does what you say and hand feeding that particular one to you…heck, go to another dealership and test drive one without saying why you’re there.

Hmmm…It looks like Keith agrees with the possibility that I came up with.

Horsegoer–I am pretty sure that your car has variable ratio power steering.
Can you check your Owner’s Manual (or the original window sticker) to confirm this?