Roll-over Ratings of SUV's

I know that JD Power provides, but they don’t seem to provide on older model cars. Does anyone provide this?

A whole lot of information can be found here :


I have checked that website, it seems it is geared more towards suing the makers of SUVs than providing unbiased info.

I have been monitoring the market for a used SUV, now that gas is expensive I thought I will get a better deal. I don’t drive that many miles and I somehow need a car with looks that does not “age” fast. The info on the NHTSA website is not very helpful. For one comparison it shows that a Ford Escape has a better rollover profile than a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Now the Escape has a higher G point and a narrower wheelbase and I can find Vehicle Stability on it either, so obviously not following the laws of physics here.

Anybody else with a better website?

I agree that it is just mostly lawyers looking for clients. But the stability calculation might be useful. I’m not sure how you’d come up with the center of gravity, though.