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Rogue runaround at the dealership

I’ve taken my 2011 Rogue (with 60k miles) to the dealer 3 times b/c it was hesitating, rattling, and making whirling noises. The first time, I had to pay to replace the axle b/c it was “unsafe to drive”. At that time they said they couldn’t determine the source of the noise, and that I would need to bring it back as it got worse. The 2nd time they assured me the car was fine. A few months later I went back and was told it was “unsafe” again due to the wheel bearings. I was told it might not have been given a full work-up the previous time if they were too busy. He said it would only take a few days to fix, but fortunately I argued to get a loaner.

A few days later they called and said the breaks needed work, which brought things up to about $1500, and that it would take another week. A week after that they called and said they found more issues but that corporate had agreed to cover the parts. At that point he stopped giving me specifics about the repairs or time or money estimates.

It’s been a month, and I’m only getting vague answers about the car needing “a lot of work”. Now they’ve started transferring me to a manager, but I get his voicemail, and he’s not calling back. I’m trying to be patient and cooperative because I want it fixed right and don’t want to pay for parts that were clearly a defective liability to begin with. But now this is getting ridiculous because I have no idea what they’re doing to my car, when I’ll get it back, whether it will be safe to drive this time, and how much it will end up costing me. Should I be contacting corporate myself?

yes, do contact corporate. Hopefully you kept notes as to conversations etc.


I assume the car is out of warranty, so stop going to the dealer esp this one. Find an independent shop, one with good rep from friends and neighbors or look here on machix files.

Also, on every expensive repair, you should get a 2nd opinion. That is one way to prevent diagnostic errors snowball in big repair bills.

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Thank you both for your replies. I was thinking the dealership was doing right by getting the parts covered but apparently not.

Just a guess but I think they either got in an accident with your car or it was stolen or they dropped it off a lift.

Someone there would be answering to my FACE if they had my car for a month. I find it hard to believe the general manager would condone them paying for a loaner for a month so I’ll bet that person has no idea what’s going on. That’s the door I would be standing in when I went there…