Rocks in wheel of 2007 passat wagon




My Fiance has 2007 passat wagon. We live in Bend Or. Twice now she has been getting a high pitch Squeaking noise coming from her back wheels. When she takes it in to the dealer they teller her it is a rock in there and they drive the car backwards to get it out and charge her 75 bucks. When asked why this is happening they tell her that the car is German and they don’t have these rocks in German and so it was not made to keep these types of rocks out.( i don’t even know what type of rocks they are talking about) Are they full of BS and is this a defect with the wheels and should we have to pay for this.

Any idea or comments



Huh, never heard of this before. Sounds like lazy mechanics to me. There are dirt roads in Germany, and there are small rocks on those dirt roads. Sounds more like brake pads squeaking to me.


That’s complete BS. That place does not deserve your business. What’s probably happening is the rear brakes may be not disengaging completely, or the parking brake might be on slightly, which would cause the high pitch squeal. Also, I don’t think a rock would cause such a sound anyway.


To me, this sounds like BS although anything is possible. The next time this happens maybe she should accompany the car and watch while these rocks are removed.

Does she drive on gravel roads? Just wondering because a dealer I worked for had someone’s near new SAAB (less than 8k miles on it) towed in once with trashed brakes.
The right front pads and rotor were wiped clean out and the cause? A large rat, that apparently had decided to make a home on the brake caliper. When the owner drove off the rat was caught in caliper, this locked the caliper up, and caused the brakes to become totally shredded. The rat was even worse.

That’s not a BS story because I’m the guy who had to repair it, along with digging the remains of the rat out, with the only recognizable parts being some of the feet and part of the tail.


These guys can’t be geologists. They take everything for granite. I’d say they are full of schist.

If all they do is drive the car backwards, save yourself the $75 bucks and do it yourself.


The next time this happens, take off the rear wheels and inspect for rocks. If you can’t find any, check the brakes to see if they are functioning properly. You will have to raise the rear, so put the car on jack stands to make sure it doesn’t fall off.