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2002 VW GTI passenger side front brake noise

Hi there, I wonder if anyone can make sense out of this: I have a 2002 VW GTI with 69k miles on it that suddenly developed a grinding noise coming from the passenger side front brakes. The noise happens every time I press the brakes while driving. I have read about brake warning indicators that make a metal “squeal” grinding noise. This noise, however, is much lower pitched, not metal to metal but more like the sound when you grind 2 bricks against each other. Could this be a stone stuck somewhere around the caliper/pads?

Any ideas much appreciated!

It could be something stuck in there, or it could be an indication of something about to totally fail. If those are original brakes, it is time to have them replaced.

If it were mine, I would (and did on my 2002 VW NB TDI at about 65,000 miles) have the front rotors and brakes replaced (modern cars have light weight rotors that cost little more than machining the old rotors and are not really designed to go for two sets of pads.

If I were really cheap (I am cheap, but not when it comes to brakes) then I would check or have them checked. Frankly it sounds like the brakes to me.

Thanks Joseph,

The noise actually disappeared the next day and reappeared for a few brake moments at one point during the day.
I have a 70k service coming up shortly and I will check with the dealer and see what they’ll have to say. I agree with you that brakes are not to be cheap with.
I will keep your comment regarding the rotor/brake change in mind in case they suggest to only replace the pads.


Do you like the Dealer? A good independant can save you money, I don’t believe the Dealer would suggest a simple pad replacement, just not the way they work, you probably won’t get anyone who has to stand behind their work to replace only pads, that technique is left to the Do It Yourselfer.

I brought the car this week into the dealer for the 70k service. It turned out that the problem was that the rear pads were completely worn and damaged the rotor, so both had to be replaced for about $350.
When I Google’d VW brake jobs I found higher numbers people were paying, plus I rent near Boston so I do not have the facilities to do these jobs myself.