'rocket launcher' sound for car?



I’ve tried doing a web search, but came up empty. As I know you have great stuff, I figured someone here might know of how to buy one of these.

My girlfriend is an aggressive driver, and gets frustrated with the other cars that get in her way!

I want either a keychain, or something else that my girlfriend could have in her car (MP3?, battery operated? but not a USB port, etc.) that could make some type of “Spy Hunter” sounds such as a “Rocket Launcher” or “Machine Gun”. Basically - I want to give her a gift that will allow her to “blast away” the other drivers on the road. Does anyone know how to buy one of these things?


Years ago I had just such a device, although I never actually took it in the car with me.

Battery powered, it made various sounds, like a machine gun, a rocket launcher, ray gun, etc.

Sorry, but I have no idea what it was called or where it came from.

There is a cool Star Trek Phaser pistol available (amazon.com), which makes authentic sounds from the TV show. She could “set phaser to kill” and blast away, although the police might take a dim view of someone pointing a “weapon” at other motorists.


Seriously, rather than encourage her in this aggressive behavior you should try to get her to calm down. Road rage is a dangerous thing.


I have seen them from time to time in the novelty stores. Maybe they could be found on-line.


Your GF will then be the one causing accidents. That would scare the socks off other folks behind the wheel. If someone did that to my daughter when she was a new driver or my mom when she was older and caused them to crash and become maimed I would have taken them to court for everything they had and would ever for the rest of their life have, as well as looking into the possibility of criminal charges.

This is a very bad idea. Please don’t do this.