Horn needed

Will someone PLEASE invent an after-market horn that has two buttons? One honks and the other yells “GET OFF THE PHONE!”

I want one. Really badly.

Thank you.

I had a CB radio years ago that had a PA (public address) output on it. I hooked a small loudspeaker to it and it was quite effective. I was young and dumb and used it primarily for hollering at girls… Just a thought.

train horn?

Great idea, send it to those invention development guys and soon it will be available for 19.95 on late night tv. Another great idea to go with it, would be one of those led type letter screens to go on the rear bumper, so you could personalize messages to tailgaters. or not, hmmm.

Upgrade your horn to one that sounds like a tractor-trailer’s air horn. They work well for getting people’s attention.

My horn would have to have a number of buttons. There are lots of things I’d like to “say” to other drivers.

But, in truth, the smart thing is to remember that you cannot control what other people do, but you CAN control your reaction. Attempting to control the behaviors of others on the road is how many people become injured, terrorized, and even dead in road rage incidents. You never know, that person on the phone that you “honk” your message at just may be checking in with his parole officer…

Relax, stay clear of the offenders as best you can, and keep your trip safe. Your family will appreciate it.

Years ago I installed an air horn under the hood of my Ford Courier (am I dating myself?). It got attention. (:

That’s a good point. When used properly, the horn is only meant to prevent accidents, not express frustration.

About 30 years ago, I found an interesting way to get the attention of tailgaters.
I wired my Volvo’s large backup lights to a toggle switch, and replaced the standard bulbs with much brighter ones.

Tailgater? Just flip the switch and listen to his tires screech as he locks up his brakes!
Just as I found a home-made solution to an annoyance, you may be able to rig something that works for your situation.

Note: I do not recommend doing what I described above, and can honestly state that I would not do something like that at this point in my life.

Yeah, especially with all the armed whackos driving around today!

Speaking of armed wackos, what gives with road rage today? Is this a new phenomena or is it just being reported more these days?