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Rock Auto?

I wonder about general opinions of them. My experience has been good–low prices, etc. However, they sent my brother the wrong part, which caused him no end of grief and it took half a day to get them to own up to it and send the right thing.
What kind of experience have people had?

OK by me.

I haven’t dealt with them, but I can tell you that an incorrect part is not that unusual even for a shop to receive. Makers often make changes as the model year evolves, parts guys with bifocals (like me) see a part number slightly differently than it actually is, stuff happens. Dealers now look up parts from the VIN number using the manufacturer database in order to try to ensure the correct part.

I always visually compare the new part to the old part to see if it looks correct.

I got a part from them that everyone in my area was back-ordered on, even the dealer.Price was good too even with the shipping.

I’ve had good luck with them-especially on trying to get OEM parts at a reasonable price. I had two problems is all but nothing major. I ordered a plug wire set for a 3800 but got one for a V8 instead. Not a big deal since the wires matched reasonably close enough to just throw two away. The other time I ordered a Northstar water pump. Had a problem getting the old one out so took it to the dealer. When they put the GM pump in, they said it leaked and had to put a new one in. It was only $35 and past 6 months since I ordered it so I just threw it away. Other than that I usually get the right part at the right price. Even got an exhaust system for an Integra once with no problems.

I’ve done online business with Rock Auto and more than a dozen similar companies; new parts, owner’s manuals, salvage yards, and pick up at store. Never a problem with any of them.

Everyone tries to do it right. It’s good for business. Occasionally a mistake creeps in. If they make good, then they are still all right by me.

I use Rock Auto for parts that aren’t readily available locally because they usually have it. I did once receive a defective component. But once I contacted them there was no problem with returning it.


I have not used them, they have been highly recommended, but will probably still go to the local napa I have a good relationship with.

I’ve used them a few times and am very satisfied. No problems. The only down side vs. a local parts store is the least expensive shipping takes at least a week.

I have used them, more in the past. They were great for Mitsu parts when all my local dealers went bust. Still shop but compare the prices at amazon and try to get from the better one.