Roaring rearend

I own a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab pickup. The pinion seal started leaking at around thirty six thousand miles . I took it to the dealer as it has a 7/70 powertrain warranty. The dealer replaced the pinion seal, about ten thousand miles later the rearend started roaring . Took it back to the dealer they replaced the ring and pinion. Now about three thousand more miles the rearend is roaring again . It has been suggested to me that the dealer is torquing the nut that holds the yoke for the drive shaft to tight and this is what has caused the two rear end failures. Would very much like your thoghts on what might be causing the roaring .

Thanks Bill

When I was at GM in the late 90’s we had one guy out of 32 that could set up a diff. What Iam getting at is perhaps this art is lost at the shop you are using.

I recommend at second shop do a ring and pinion contact pattern test. Even I could do that but I would not be so good at interpetation.

See if you can check out if your diff uses a on-time crush sleeve in the area you are talking about

I agree with oldschool. I’ve done a handful of ring and pinion replacements in my day and agree there’s an art to getting the matching to be correct.

Two more points.

1: Once a “ring and pinion” set is allowed to howl, those gears will howl forever and no amount of adjusting will correct them. A new pair is needed to stop the howling.

2: Aside from the noise, the howling is harmless. It has no affect no the reliability or longevity of the differential.