2018 Nissan Rogue - Roaring rear end

Having a roaring noise in the rear ended.have replaced the rear axle differential carrier hub twice, new axles new wheel bearing hub. All completed last week. What could be the problem

Could be bad tires, could be another bearing you haven’t changed yet.


Common causes

  • Aggressive tire tread
  • Differential gear oil low, or incorrect spec
  • Incorrect alignment between pinion and ring gear
  • Various bearings inside the differential
  • Wheel bearings.

Usually if there’s a faulty bearing in the differential it will be apparent which one it is when the carrier etc is on the work bench & turned by hand. It seems hard to believe this problem would be caused by a bearing that wasn’t replaced with the other differential repairs already made. If so then the wheel bearings seem the most likely culprit. Some possibility the problem is in the driveshaft as well.

Hi Lawrence:
I agree with the others about definitely suspecting the tires. The tread does not need to be worn out to get the growling noise.

Please do let us know what you find.