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Road Tax

My road tax was due in March. and as of now. December, i haven’t paid it. will that have any effect on my tax returns??

While it would probably help if you posted information such as the state in which you live, I would suggest that you get your advice from the people at the Division of Taxation in your state, or from an accountant who is familiar with tax policies in your state. Someone on this forum could give well-meaning, but incorrect advice, and incorrect advice is potentially dangerous.

Both tax advice and legal advice should not be accepted from anyone but the professionals in those fields.

And remember, Krissy, you are responsible for whatever taxes you owe. Taking free advice from anyone here won’t absolve you from responsibility or any penalties you might owe. Follow VDCDriver’s excellent advice.

will that have any effect on my tax returns?

Well it would not be too wise to claim it as a tax deduction. Get some local professional tax advice. We are just guessing and my guess is you are going to end up paying the tax and a penalty making it two or three times more expensive than if you had just paid it when you should.

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We don’t have state inspections, either.

CSA–Like you, I am also not familiar with this topic because my state (luckily) doesn’t have a Road Tax. Unfortunately, the OP has not come back to this thread to tell us which state she lives in.

Perhaps a forum member from her state could give her some specific advice, but as I said earlier, it is not wise to follow the advice of anyone but a trained professional when it comes to taxes or legal problems. And, depending on the state, this situation could wind up being both a tax problem and and legal problem!

We Do Have A Road Use Tax Added To The Sales Tax, At The Gas Pump, Though.

Let’s not let this discussion go on too long…I don’t want our governor to read this post and any more tax ideas…we pay enough at the pump.

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Next is some of the gas in your exhaled breath!