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Excise taxes on suzuki aerio sx

So me and my boyfriend purchased a 2006 suzuki aerio sx about 3 months ago. We agreed upon an out the door price including all taxes and fees. We got our plates a few days later and in the state of nc your inspection sticker is in the top right corner of your license plate. When we got the plate it had a “T” in the corner and usuqlly it is the year. My boyfriend recently got pulled over and found out its a temporary sticker. Now the dealership is saying its hecausr we have to pay the taxes on the car. But weren’t they supposed to be responsible for that when we bought the car considering we got an out the door peice with taxes and fees included?

There are taxes and then there are taxes. It’s entirely possible that the taxes you’re due are relative to the registration rather than the purchase of the vehicle. And the dealer probably can collect and pay-through to the state sales taxes but not taxes relative to the registration.

You need to talk with your state DMV. Every state’s laws are different.

Can we leap to the conclusion you bought the car in a state different than the one you live in? In our state taxes are paid when registering a vehicle that was transferred between family or purchasing a used vehicle from a private owner.

Take a look at your invoice. There should be a separate line item for the license plates. Normally tax and fees is sales and excise taxes etc., then they have a separate line for license. Usually the estimate is wrong and you get a check in the mail for a few dollars after that. If they didn’t actually provide the plates to you and required you to get them from the DMV, then it probably wasn’t included. They just do it as a courtesy though and regardless of what they told you, its what’s on the actual sales document that counts.

Where I live, the dealership collects sales tax and registration fees. The city excise tax is paid separately. The city/town sends you a bill initially and every year after. As mentioned, you should check the bill of sale to see what was included but since they put a temp sticker, they probably do not normally collect excise taxes…