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Road Noise

After riding in a new Bmw 740, I am wondering how I can reduce some of the road noise in my old Chevy Blazer. Any ideas?

Tire tread is a factor. Spray on undercoating ( over clean & dry surfaces ) to help deaden sound. Pull out all the carpets or mats and add a layer of carpet insulation. ( this is harder but worth it because to do it right you take out the seats and edge trim to get carpets completely out and use them as a pattern. ) Another place to add insulation, depending on your truck, is inside behind trim panels.

Undercoating on the underside of the floorboards will reduce some of the noise. But if not applied to a clean surface so it adheres correctly can promote rust.


Ha, ha. Very funny!

Nothing you do will ever make your Blazer as quiet as a 7 series BMW. You won’t even get close.

Tires. Look at your tires. They contribute more than anything to road noise.

You can try Dynamat, or some other sound deadener, but they add weight and reduce fuel mileage.

Oh, I forgot, it’s a Blazer. Fuel mileage is not part of the package.

You could sell the Blazer and buy a BMW. That would work, until you had to have it serviced.

Good luck.

Yah, the other stuff the beemer has that makes it quieter you’ll never be able to replicate. ie. body mounts, suspension bushings, sheet metal coating, even the sheet metal welds are different.