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Noise reduction

I have an 07 Mercury Milan and it is more noisy than I think it should be. How can I reduce road and tire noise?

You can reduce road noise by having acoustical insulation installed by an auto audio shop. Regarding tire noise, you will probably have to replace the tires if you really want to have a significant impact on that problem. If you go to the Tire Rack website, you can see how the various tires for your car compare as to noise.

Tire noise will be reduced by added sound insulation. You might want to try this first and then see how the ties are.

How many miles on it? My tires get quite noisy as they near the end of their life.

The car has about 44,000 miles.

I have read about mats, paint on material, and a foam product. What is the best way to add sound insulation?

Here’s a primer on the subject. Everything you could want to know about sound deadening, including the fact that it will add weight to your car, FWIW.


Thanks for the url. It is what I was looking for. Now I have to decide how much work I want to do.

Another product that can be used to reduce road noise is undercoating. Most people think of this as a rustproofing product, but it’s not. It sprayed on the underside of the body to reduce road noise. Most auto parts stores sell this product in large aerosol cans.


Just be aware that undercoating tends to collect road salt, dirt, and moisture, leading to rust. If you live in a warm, dry, area it may be an option, but I’d avoid it elsewhere.

Undercoating isn’t a problem if it’s applied correctly. ie: The surface must be clean prior to application.


Just be aware that undercoating tends to collect road salt, dirt, and moisture, leading to rust.

So what it collects it…It’s COATING the metal…thus protecting the metal. Undercoating works very very well if done correctly. And that’s the problem. There were good applicators and bad applicators. The good ones worked very very well.

Adhesive sound deadening pads can be bought at auto body supply stores. They can be applied to the inside of door panels after the trim panels are removed. They can also be applied to the interior of quarter panels.

Your tires have lived a long pleasurable life. Once they make noise or lose wet traction time to dump them. Your primary criteria should be a near silent tire, research or call/review for best ones.

So what it collects it…It’s COATING the metal.

It also can coat and block drains, and can cause other issues. Proper application is very important.