Ring out on motor

I have a 2004 Mistsubishi Galant and it has been in the shop to fix the head on motor now the car is back together and they said a ring is out and that it is ok to drive it with it out. Is is ok to drive with the ring out?

A “ring” is a very important part of the engine, it seals the piston as it move up and down (assuming that’s what they’re talking about). It is not ‘ok to drive without it’. You need to find a friend or acquaintance who knows cars to talk to the shop, ask them how they know ‘a ring is out’. From a compression test? If so, what was the compression in each cylinder?

Why did they need to ‘fix the head’? That’s unusual on a relatively new car like yours.

More info needs to be known before a guess can be made.
What was the head repair all about; a broken timing belt or head gasket failure due to overheating?

Did they say ring (singular) or rings (plural)?

Any rough running, smoke out the tailpipe, etc.?

Did they write what they said on th eshop order? Can you post the exact statement?