Right Cylinder head inspection- Jeep Grand Cherokee 2006

I recently brought my Jeep Grand Cherokee 2006 with approx. 100,000 miles to the dealer for a check engine light issue. The dealer indicated the following: The computer identified two codes P0300 and P0303 for misfire #3 cylinder. The dealer further noted the following, found spark plug coolant fouled. At a minimum would need to remove the cylinder head and inspect. Estimate to replace right cylinder head gasket with timing chain set up is $2,450. If the right cylinder head needs to be replaced the total would be $4,035. If the block is pourus or cracked the engine would need to be replaced. More than likely the timing chain set up will need to be replaced when it is taken off to replace the cylinder head. The coolant was down almost a gallon.

The engine is a 4.7L V8 MPI.

I have a few questions: Is it reasonable to spend $2,450 to replace the cylinder head gasket? Are there other alternatives? Is there any issues with this type of engine? (is this a common issue with this particular engine)?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.