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Jeep trouble!

I have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L Sport and until I hit 105000 miles was trouble free.

The check-engine light came on 2 years ago (I do around 3000 miles per year) which turned out to be a mis-fire in cylinders 3 & 4. My dealer overhauled the fuel injectors and replaced the plugs.

18 months later I discovered that the cylinder head was cracked in cylinders 3 & 4 - coincidence?

I had the cylinder head replaced however I still can detect a slight misfire when starting the engine.

Yesterday my check-engine light came on again just after starting.

I am very interested in hearing from other Jeep owners who have had similar problems or anyone who can suggest what is going on with my Jeep as it is starting to get expensive!!

Plug wires.

Is it a “slight misfire” or the infamous Jeep spark knock?