Riddle Me This!

I currently own an 83’ Camaro. I was driving to a fuel station to refuel because I was low on fuel. On the way to the station, my car spits and sputters then dies. I never made it to the station, eventually I filled my car with half a tank of gasoline using emergency tanks. I havent been able to get my car started since. It is a 5.0l v-8, I have replaced my plugs, wires, coil, cap, v-regulator, fuel lines, fuel filters, fuel pump, fuel mix cotroller, and even changed my carb from a 4brl QuadraJet to a 4brl Holley. I have adjusted my timing with the correct timing mark and checked the correct firing order. I have checked my chain and it is still intact. The way it sounds while I try to start the vehicle sounds the same as it did before I changed the carb. There are a few quick turnes that it makes after I release the key like I am getting a few cylinders to fire up, I am getting exhaust out of my exhaust pipes. I have also checked my altinator and replaced the battery and checked my electrical. It has been driving my absolutly crazy for the past three years. What could the problem be?

Have you done any diagnosis? Have you checked the fuel pressure at the carb inlet tube? Have you done any testing the the electrical componentry?

I’ve read lots of parts changed, but no diagnosis.

The electrical part of the ignition switch? Have you checked for power at the HEI coil when the key is in both the START and RUN positions?

The ignition module is inside the distributor. You need to do the checks with a digital multimeter as outlined in a repair manual, such as Chilton’s # 8260 Chevrolet Camaro 1982-92. Your public library may have it. Call them.

Get someone to crank it over then spray GOOD starting fluid in carb, that will help you narrow it down


did you check the timing to see if gears jumped not just if it chain is in one piece. pull the dist and check the shaft to see if it is bent. you will get a few plugs to work but not all of them. I had a chevy with bent dist shaft. as for fuel it only takes 6psi to run carb. and could put a little fuel into carb to see if engine started try a pressure test on each cyl. you have a bent valve or cracked piston. or ring. I had a car were the crank shaft broke in half and only a few plugs could get spark you will find this problem with pressure test. I think you much look for uncommon problem.