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1979 camaro having problems starting

So I have a 1979 camaro berlinetta(305 v8), it has been having some problems starting up. I pulled the camaro into the garage to replace the head gaskets, after about a month of having the car in the garage. I put everything back together, and tried starting the car up. The first few tries the carb(2 bbl rochester dueljet 2dc) was spitting out gas, so I replaced the accelerator pump and that seemed to help. I tried turning the car on again still it would sound like it was wanting to turn on but didn’t. I checked the spark plugs and they were oil ceased so i replaced them. i tried to start the car again, and didn’t start. Then i tried to adjust to top dead center #1 (car still didn’t start), then tried to adjust the distributor rotor to point towards number 1 cylinder. Please if anyone can help, please help i could really use some. Thanks.

I had same car. Replaced 2 bbl intake with 4 bbl. than put 2 bbl back on several yrs later. Ugh. U have valves adjusted correctly? U set rocker arm preload correctly? Set cyl 1 at tdc. Make sure distributor lines up with plug #1 wire. If Dist will not fully seat, than bump starter to make Dist body drop down. So many folks think Dist gear is off and fiddle moving gear 1 tooth forward/ rev. Simple motor. Adjust valves right and install dist right. Make sure all plug wires are routed right

Are you sure you have the distributor pointed to #1? It’s easy to set it 180 degrees out. Pull the drivers side front plug (#1) and rotate the engine so the rotor is coming up on #1. With your thumb over the plug hole, you should feel pressure building as you rotate. If not, you are 180 degrees out, pull the distributor and re-set it. Did you re-check the firing order? In the right direction? Turning the motor clockwise as you are looking at the front should rotate the distributor to the next cylinder in the timing sequence (clockwise as you look down on the distributor) The spitting carb points to either of these. Are you getting spark? Make sure you reinstalled the ground strap from the engine to the body if there’s no spark. Try these and re-post what you find.

OK step by step. Check the float level in the carburetor. The pull the distributor and the valve cover on the drivers side of the engine. Turn the engine by hand using a wrench or ratchet on the front pulley. As you turn the engine, watch the intake valve rocker on the #1 cylinder. When it closes, you are on the compression stroke.

Now approach TDC but stop at the initial timing mark. For example, it the timing at idle with vacuum off is 4°BTDC, then stop at that mark.

Set the cap in place on top of the distributor and make a mark on the body to correspond to the post for the #1 cylinder. Now remove the cap and point the rotor to this mark. If the distributor has a gear on the bottom, then drop the distributor into the hole. When you feel the gears engage and the rotor wants to twist, pull up slightly, then feel the gears as you turn the distributor backwards two teeth on the gear set.

Now when you push the distributor into place, the rotor should turn and point to the mark as the distributor goes into place. If it does not point to the mark, pull the distributor up to clear the gearset and turn one more tooth in the direction to correct the rotor alignment.

You may not hit the mark perfectly, you want the gear that gets you the closest. Remove the rotor so you can see the vanes and the pickup. On the pickup, there is a line down the center of it. Turn the body of the distributor body so that the mark on the pickup aligns with a vane on the distributor shaft.

Then clamp down the distributor, replace the rotor and check its alignment with the mark on the body. If close, replace the distributor cap and start 'er up. Oops, forgot to tell you to replace the valve cover, sorry about the mess all that oil made.

stoveguy, mustangman= i will try those and i will post back on what worked and what might have not worked.

keith= i already tried that, that was the first thing i tried and i did rebuild the carb.

Did you do the rocker arm adjustment correctly. Tighten the rockers until the play just disappears, then 1.5 turns more. Readjust after the engine starts. Loosen till the lifter clatters, then tighten 1.5 turns.

keith= yea i did that

Crimeny you have a basic tune up issue, use a dwell meter to check points, a timing light to check timing, my guess you removed the distributor and replaced it and now you need to make it right.

ok thanks barkydog ill give it a try

I’m with Barkydog I think it is something really simple you are overlooking. It appears you have fuel so, timing aside, have you verified you have good spark?.

Hey, Berlinetta, is this your first effort to dismantle and reassemble a small block Chevy V-8? I would suggest that you start over with adjusting the valves and setting them on the loose side, re-setting the distributor and confirming the firing order and if you see any blow back out the carburetor something is not right with the timing or an intake valve not closing.

o I know its something simple im overlooking just can’t think of it at the moment Thanks you guys. Im just going to recheck everything today.