Rich and the lost wedding ring

The best way to fish is NOT with a hook on a coat hanger. Try putting tape - sticky side out - on a small loop at the end of the coat hanger or at the end of a thin dowel. It’s kind of like the idea of using a piece of gum, but less likely to fall off and add to the mess. This will work well for lightweight objects like the ring and you don’t need to see the ring to find it. Probe and pull out a few times, and refresh the tape if it gets covered with dirt or grease.

I would suggest that Rich should go to a junk yard and find a Taurus like his and maybe he could get a better Idea of where the ring went.

Note that yesterday’s show and this morning’s repeat were re-runs of an earlier programme. By now Rich has discovered that the easy way to get the ring back is to undo the ductwork under the dash. I’ve had to do it before to retrieve keys. A ring, or anythihng else for that matter, will fall to the lowest possible unobstructed level.