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Lost Ring down defrost Duct

We lost a wedding ring down the driver’s side, defrost windshield air duct of our 2001 Saab 9-5. It is not visible looking down the duct through the windshield or with a mirror looking from within the car. We’ve been told by our mechanic that it may have travelled anywhere in the duct work and may require the dis-mantling of the entire dash assembly to get at the duct-work. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding how to re-coup the ring either through the duct work or otherwise, short of dis-mantling the dash?

i hate to say it but your mechcanic is right time for the dash to come out. is there room to try a mechcanics magnet if you have room

first step is to follow the instructions here : and see if it’s sitting on the cabin filter.

Next would be to remove the blower motor and get a borescope camera in there to see if you can see it either in the blower chamber or the evap chamber next door.

Beyond that, it’s time to start taking the dash apart.

“is there room to try a mechcanics magnet if you have room”

I seem to recall that gold is not magnetic, so–assuming that the ring in question is made of gold–I don’t see how a magnet would help.

On the other hand, if the wedding ring is one of those ever-popular iron wedding rings, this plan just might work.

“is there room to try a mechcanics magnet if you have room”

I doubt that the ring is magnetic.

I am not familiar with Saabs but you might remove the heater fan and look into the opening. You may get lucky and find it immediately, or possibly see access to reach in and feel around.