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RFID based car door locks - after market

Acura Integra 2000

I have heard that people have installed RFID based locks in their car.

Would this prevent “slim jim-ing” my car and breaking in?

Is there RFID lock you would recommend?

It would not prevent people from breaking in, no. Nothing will prevent that, save perhaps a rattlesnake on the front seat :wink:

RFID is just another way to enabling/disabling the alarm system.
If they want in your car, an alarm will not stop them. Once they open the door and pop the hood, disconnecting the horn and/or battery is all they need to do to give them time to do whatever they came for. Disconnecting a battery or snip a wire to the horn takes seconds.

well, there are hidden backup batteries that can be installed, and hidden sirens.

I guess but that can be defeated as well:

If I were on the wrong side of the law, I’d get one of those toys that has a rubber balls on a long rubber band. You normally place it in the middle of two batters and they bounce the ball back and forth - or like in this picture, it has the rubber string conveniently attached to a wrist band:

Anway, lose the paddles and bring the ball and rubber band and hide near the car somewhere at night. Wait for the owner to go to bed, bounce the ball onto his car, causing the alarm to go off. Retrieve the ball.
He runs out, sees nothing wrong, goes back upstairs, rinse and repeat until he turns his alarm off or the neighbors choke him, whichever comes first.
Steal car.

You can’t protect yourself against someone that really wants your stuff, unless you make the stuff non desirable, such a pain to steal or let there be high risk in getting caught.
He’ll go elsewhere.

I would install an alarm that allows the car to be driven for 1 minute:
Leave the driver’s side door open so he doesn’t break anything in the process. Leave the key in the ignition and let him steal the car and think he gets away with it. Then, when he’s halfway out your driveway and sitting in front of your neighbor’s lawn, this special alarm turns the ignition off and starts whaling the horn, flashing all the lights, etc.
There’s no way he’s sticking around to see why that car stalled and to shut the alarm off.

If a professional car thief wants your car, it’s gone. It’s as simple as that…NOBODY wants your 13 year old Acura…Save your money…

Actually, the Integra was the 6th most frequently stolen car in the country last year. They’re easy to steal and their parts fit in lots of different cars. Perfect for a chop shop.