Intermittent Inability to Accelerate

My 2006 Rav4 has an ‘intermittent’ inability to accelerate. I’ll push on the gas pedal, and I can hear the engine rev, but I have no forward power. The local Toyota dealer says that they cannot find anything wrong.

This is very dangerous. I was on the highway two weeks ago and lost 20 mph in speed before I was able to regain the ability accelerate.

Any ideas as to what is wrong and how to fix it?

loss of power can be caused by many different failing components. the first thing is see if it has stored any codes. If not, then you need to try to determine if it is a fuel supply problem, an air/fuel mixture issue, or a spark supply failure. for instance, a failing fuel pump will give this symptom when hot. Or a bad igniter unit can do this too. And I dont even have time to list all the other possible causes. this is a difficult one for the dealer, because they have to experience it on the road before they will even believe you. Make them take it out for a drive.

“I can hear the engine rev, but I have no forward power”

If the engine is revving at a high rate, I fail to see how either fuel supply or spark could be the problem.
More likely is a clutch or transmission-related problem.

OP–Is this a manual trans Rav-4 or an automatic trans model?

If it is an automatic, have you checked the transmission fluid?
If not, please check it (according to the procedure listed in your Owner’s Manual), and then report back to us on its level, color, and odor.

When you return to report on the trans fluid, please also tell us the current odometer mileage and the maintenance history for the transmission.

it was that pesky word rev that threw me off, too much speed reading going on at my end. just another mea culpa I guess.