Reving engine


Every now & then, I rev my car engine. I just push the gas pedal down & let go fast (in & out) once or twice. I couldn’t do it with my 2006 Malibu LS 2.2 L with 5900 mileage. It’s like gas is being cut off when the gas pedal is at midpoint & the engine RPM goes back down. I still have the warranty but before I go to the dealer, I would like to know what you guys think. Has anyone had this problem before? Thanks for your help.


If you are revving it in park or neutral theres probably a rev limiter that prevents the engine from going over about 3,000 RPM’s.

Thats how the newer Fords work anyway.

Makes for kinda boring “neutral drops.”


You go to the dealer and tell him what you’ve been doing.


In Park. I think safety first. When I work on my car (oil change, brake, starter, alternator, H2O pump, etc), I always use both jackstands & jack. Thanks for your reply.