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Camaro Problem

I just picked up my new 2014 Chevrolet Camaro with the V6 and 6 speed manual transmission. If I just punch the gas pedal when in neutral, the engine almost dies for just a second but then rev’s up normally. It seems like a burst of gas chocks out the engine. I have tried the same thing in other Camaro’s and the engine rev’s up normally as soon as you punch the gas pedal. Any guess of what the problem may be?

It’s under warranty. Why not go to the dealer and insist it be fixed.


The computer has a rev limiter.

If you stomp on the gas in neutral, the computer will prevent the engine from revving for a second until it can protect the engine from damage.

What happens when you stomp on the gas in gear?


Yosemite: I have an appointment but, I like to have some idea of what the problem is before I turn it over to the dealership!

Tester: The same thing happens when I am in gear. This is not stomping the pedal, it is when I give it a quick punch. If I slowly give the engine a little gas and let out on the clutch here is no problem.

Bring it in under warranty. That’s what it’s for.
While you’re there, test drive another of the same and see if it does the same thing.

Then take it back to the dealer.


If they tell you they all do that ( a famous dealer saying ) drive another vehicle they have in stock with them in the car.Your car is under warranty…Make them fix it ! keep bringing it back,after 3 or 4 tries tell them about the lemon law. That will get things rolling. Could be a flaky throttle position sensor.

Just on the offchance this turns into a lingering problem you need to make sure that when you take the car in to the dealer that a repair order is written up stating the exact complaint. When you get the car back make sure that you receive a copy of the RO and that it states what if anything was done to cure the problem.
Any problems which involved a potential Lemon Law issue MUST be backed up with documents.

There should be none of that verbal “we checked it out and it’s fine” diagnosis.

My youngest bought a 2013 Camaro last week with only 2k miles on it and it doesn’t do what yours does.

Almost sounds like launch/traction control to prevent wheel spin when you take off. Do you have a button to turn your traction control off?

I don’t know if this will help you or hurt you, but I suspect the problem is with the MAP sensor. It is not detecting the change in manifold vacuum fast enough and that could be because it is partially blocked.

It is best to not tell the dealer what you think the problem is because they will concentrate on that and if that is not the problem, then it won’t get fixed. It is best to let them figure it out and then if they can’t, make that suggestion, but let them try to figure it out first.

@keith: are you sure this vehicle employs a MAP sensor? GM typically uses a flow measurement strategy with their engines, and a MAF sensor. I am not familiar with the Camaro’s engine controls, so please correct me if I’m wrong, with my apologies.

I am in agreement with you and everyone else that has suggested that the OP go back to the dealer. It’s under warranty–it’s their problem. And I’d agree that you let their mechanics find the problem and not give them anything but the symptoms–let them draw their own conclusions from their diagnostics.

My experience with the dealer service department is that they disregard whatever the customer says and do whatever they think is right. I wouldn’t tell them about what you hear on this board, but keep it in mind as you digest the dealer’s diagnosis.

oblivion, I don’t know for sure but some GM engines use a MAP sensor. If this one uses a MAF sensor, or both, then it could simply be an air leak between the MAF sensor and the throttle body. Maybe just a loose clamp. That should throw a code though where a MAP sensor would not.

It may use both sensors.