2005 Chevy Impala jumps when revving engine

I noticed this for the first time by accident. I hit the gas while the car was still in park and I noticed that it was jumping while the car was being revved. I dont know if its misfiring because while driving it seems to be running smooth.

This is most likely normal. Many newer cars have a very low rev limiter for park. It is to prevent engine damage from over-revving. If the trans is in park, the engine won’t go higher than about 4,000 rpm. Try it again. I bet the tach needle will bounce off 4 grand and never go higher. If this is what happened, it is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

What part of the car is jumping?
Is it the tachometer needle, or is it the entire car?

If it is the tachometer needle, then the answer about the rev limiter has merit.
However, if the entire car feels like it is jumping, then you have to look elsewhere for a cause.

One possible area to check is the motor mounts. If your mounts are bad, the engine will shift quite a bit when accelerated, and can cause what might feel like “jumping”.