Reverse Problems - Dodge Ram 1500

Hello, Can I get some help my 2000 ram 1500 crew cab 5.9 v8 Sport 4wd

I was traveling along the interstate in cruise and then hit the coast button of the transmission. Since then, the car will not go into reverse.

Any thoughts on where to begin looking for the problem? Everything checks out fine, transmission fluid, oil, etc.


“Coast button of the transmission”? No such thing, as far as I know. Are you talking about the coast button for the cruise control? That would have absolutely no effect on the transmission.

Since reverse is not electronically controlled, the things you need to check is the shift linkages and fluid level/condition. If all these look good, you will have to go into the transmission. Reverse problems are relatively simple to diagnose but 99% of the time is not repairable without removal and disassembly of the trans.