Dodge Ram 1500 transmission

My 2002 Ram 1500 reverse suddenly stopped. It will go forward without any problem. Does anyone have an idea why the reverse won’t work? Can I still drive it until it’s fixed?

You said forward is ok??? So it shifts into 3rd gear fine??? Have you checked the transmission in L1??? Let me know how L1 is. In reverse, your front clutch applies and the rear band also applies. The front clutch is also applied in 3rd gear so if all forward gears are ok (Especially 3rd gear) then it sounds like the front clutch is good and I would be looking towards the rear band. This is where L1 comes into play. Thats why I ask how L1 is working. Post back.


Ok transman, I’m watching this one. You might end up teaching me something. I need some transmission lessons.