Lost reverse in manual transmission

1984 Dodge RAM D50 (2.0 liter Mitusubishi).

Cannot push the stick to get the truck to go into reverse. Is this a “crack the transmission case” open in order fix situation? Or something simpler?

Two today, totally different vehicles.

I suspect the linkage on this one also. Sorry I am not familiar with your truck to suggest how to approach the problem.

Will it go into reverse when the engine is not running?

Linkage is internal o the transmission. If the fluid has been replaced within the last 40,000 miles, chances are the transmission will need to be removed and opened to fix this.

Will not go into reverse with engine on or off.

It will need to be removed and opened up.

Any transmission problems before this? Noise? Difficulty going into R? Before I’d tear this open I’d check the linkage real good . . . I mean real good. operate it manually from below, if possible . . . and take your time. If you can get it into R even once, you have solved the problem and must “rig” or fix the linkage issue. How many miles on this pickup? When I was a kid . . . I worked for a dealership, and when we were slow at the shop, the owner had us clear trees and brush behind the shop, running CATs and old dump trucks. I can’t tell you how many tranny shifting "rigs) we put together to shift these monsters. The key is to find a mechanism to get whatever gear you’re looking for . . . in your case, reverse. Even if you had to weld an extra handle or “stick” on to access this gear, it would be better and cheaper than ripping into the tranny, IMO . . on this year pickup. One other idea . . . have you checked the salvage yards for '84 Dodge/Mistsus? Betcha you can find a used tranny sheap. Good luck. Rocketman

I took off the interior rubber boot, then dumped a bunch of oil inside the next dust cover boot. It still is a little difficult to put in reverse, but it does work.