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Restoring a 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sort (auto) parked for 3 years

Looking for a omplete how to start and finish the project Restoring a 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sort (auto) parked for 3 years

The first thing you’ll be faced with is the fuel system. Three year old gasoline has probably gone bad.

Remove the gas cap and take a sniff of the odor out of the gas tank. If it smells like gas you might get lucky. If it smells more like a varnish/rancid odor, there’s where you start.



…then the various oils, then brake fluid, then…aw, heck. All the fluids, really.

Then start with the major systems…brakes being the primary one. You gotta stop. Above all else, you gotta stop.

Get yourself a repair manual, too.

Have a good look around at all the rubber bits. hoses, mounts, etc. Sitting is terrible for this stuff.

Then, when you get the motor to fire and run, see what happens, and check back.


Yep, especially those rubber parts that usually are lubricated by various fluids are going to be suspect. It helps if the car was in a garage for all this time. The tires, if the car has sat in exactly one spot all this time, are probably not actually very round anymore, or very reliable.