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Resonator pipe on 2014 f-150

I have a 2014 f-150 5.0l 4x4 crew cab. I noticed a few weeks ago water/condensation coming from the front and back of it when the truck was on and not when it was off.(thinking there was rusted out holes in it). I changed it over the weekend and noticed that the holes in the pipe looked they drill and they were designed to be there. The new pipe did not have them, but I put the new one. It seemed to make a difference because the deal seemed firmer and average mps went up about 1.5. Are the holes meant to there or what

Weep holes are probably better with than without. However, I would not add them if the resonator was manufactured without them. Parts are usually coated/plated/anodized etc after all the machining is done. Drilling holes in there after that will surely rust faster due to the exposed metal from drilling. and the week hole location is where the moisture collects the most…

I found it odd that one had it and only forced it out with the car running. I would like to think designers would want not water to get in there and would force it all out the back so it would not use out the inside to the exhaust pipe

One of the byproducts of the explosion of gasoline and air inside the engine is water vapor (steam) that dribbles out of your exhaust as it cools as it travels down the exhaust pipe. The drain holes are somit doesn’t puddle in the mufflers and resonator.