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my 2004 Buick lesabre 3.8 v-6 46000mi. has had a smell of coolant for the last 8months. i found out where it was when i removed the engine shield looked very close down the side of the intake manifold and their was a very tiny drops of orange coolant? i"m assuming from all i"ve read on car talk the upper gasket is leaking? i have been checking for quite a while for any call backs for this engine problem? no coolant is leaking in the engine or in my oil. today i was looking on the comp. and i find a sight for dex-cool? NOTED ABOVE. well it is already settled. you had to have it in by Oct 28 08 i called to inquire about how was i suppose to know about this, he said it was in magazines, newspaper and other places? i read enough, it must have been hidden? he said to keep on the lookout maybe down the road something will develop, i don"t want anything to happen to my engine? all those people that got there cars fixed before oct. 28 08 can submit their proven bill and collect whatever. last year after golf i made a quick stop at my mechanic for a look.he used a light to try to locate it but he only checked near the water pump and seals near it. nothing showed up? remember i stopped just for a quick look not an appointment. the guy i called said i wasn’t THE ONLY ONE WHO CALLED SO HANG IN THEIR. just thought i would let you guys know the latest on the dex-cool matter

Are you saying there is a possibility of GM allowing people to file claims even though the cut-off date has come and gone?

Was your car one of the models that were included in the settlement and you just missed the cut-off date or was your car not ever included in the group of cars that the settlement applied to?

when i called and talked to the third party that was handling the litigation he said, if you had not filed on the cutoff date of oct. 28-08 you are out of luck!!! but he said i was not the only one to call about the settlement, and to keep looking, maybe G.M. would have a recall somewhere down the road. i can"t tell you how many times i searched on the internet for recalls? but there was no recall, it must have been lots of people complaining about leaking coolant in there cars. how everyone was suppose to find out was beyond me??? that to me was very frustrating. the people that paid out of pocket and somehow found out about the litigation just had to get a claim form sent in the receipt and other info and they would be reimbursed up to a certain amount. hope that helps???

sorry i forgot to mention my car was on the list in group " B " 2004 Buick Lesabre 3.8 v-6 upper manifold gasket leak.

Is a plan that includes talking to GM and making sure they have your address make any difference. These notification by mail of a safety issue that needs to be resolved are different than a mechanical condition that GM has agreed to fix.

The chances of GM extending the cuttoff date seem slim to me. They went to arbritration (maybe court) agreed on models and filing dates. It would be nice to see the wording in the agreement in regards to GM making statements like “these models and dates are final and by making this agreement no other legal action will be allowed”. If I was a GM lawyer I would have made sure that when I made a deal I would not be forced to renegoiate down the road.

I knew about DeXCool problems in 1998. I think it was a USA Today story that informed me of the settlement.

thanks for the response— if you would log on to the sight i put up you hear loud and clear that G.M. already made a deal with the ones who knew about the situation. how anything else down the road works out is any ones guess. and i think that would be a recall on those engines?