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Research study: assortment width and perceived brand image

At the moment I am writing my master thesis at the department of international direct marketing of the University of Kassel, in order to finish my studies in ‘economics, psychology & management’.

The aim of the thesis is to investigate the (so far not examined) impact of assortment widening’s within in the automotive industry on the consumer-sided brand image evaluation (incl. brand identification/sympathy and purchase intention). During a pre-test study, BMW and Porsche have been identified as suitable brands to further investigate the assumed and partly already proven effects.

I would be more than please if you would take part in the survey.
Answering the questionnaire takes approx. 12 minutes and 0,25 € are donated to Human Rights Watch for every conscious (without clicking through) participation.
(Prospectively online till 31th of October)

Feedback and questions are welcome:
I highly appreciate every participation and feel free to share.

Kind regards,
Malek Grimm

Do you really expect anyone to believe you have found a survey that the vehicle manufactures have not already used?
I myself will not click on a link posted to an open forum.

First of all, I have not just simply “found” the survey. The survey and respective hypothesis are based on deliberated thoughts and related scientific theoretical assumptions that were proven right/existent by several familiar studies.
Secondly, I really do not see a need to response to such inappropriate comments; and the “link” is a sub-url of a frequently used research platform for academic surveys.

Feedback and questions from (honestly) interested people can be post in the thread or send via e-mail.

Nonetheless, I would be more than pleased if some users would take part in the survey.

Excuse me for being a little reluctant to click on an unknown link from out of the US. A few days ago out of curiosity I clicked on an ad link here and the thing tried to lock my computer up. I’m not sure the folks in this market will be much help for European brand identification either. Maybe some of the more computer savvy folks here can insure the link is clean.

I not only don’t do links I have blue masking tape over the camera lens on my PC.

I don’t think I have a camera unless its hidden in the screen someplace. I used to have a coffee cup over my camera, then just disconnected the thing. I do talk to myself in the car though so Onstar probably has me in their file someplace waiting for me to get famous so they can sell it to the NYT.

I think I probably better just go out to the garage and get some work done.

The link brought up no flags for me, There was a myriad of cars, my thought was give me one I can add a towing package and has a manual transmission. 36 picutres of cars did not help, too many obscure questions and wondering where you are going with, I mean you sound like a really smart guy, looking to target an audience for commercials maybe but I found it difficult to maintain interest in completing the survey.
“During the Brexit referendum, the majority of Britons should’ve voted for remaining a member of the European Union”

I think I’ll have to disagree. When you are run by unelected wackos in Brussels running your country, it was time to call an end to it and take your own country back if possible. The sad part is the young people having gotten used to the new order were afraid to jump in. Maybe having no memory or appreciation for freedom. I’ve always been a revolutionary though so like to see people throw off the ruling class in favor of determination of their own destiny. I used to own a Morris though and they really need to work on their automotive skills if they get into that again.

Edit: Sorry thought that was a statement but the item in quotes is a question on the survey.

How is that different from elected Wackos?


You can at least kick out elected wackos…

Yes, but unless the 25th Amendment is invoked, or impeachment takes place, then we have to wait for 2020, and at least 2/3 of the populace is not comfortable with that waiting period.

In any case, in most countries, they will eventually be termed out of office

As far as perceived brand image . . .

Among people that I know who are NOT gear-heads, there is a perception that european cars are fairly reliable. My professional experience says otherwise

To go even further, these same people assume that British luxury vehicles must logically be the very definition of reliability, since they are expensive. These guys assume something that expensive wouldn’t dare be unreliable, because the manufacturer has a reputation to maintain. I’ve often told them they are mistaken, but sadly they think I’m a nut case

I not only avoid unknown links, but your survey would probably get an F in my class. Soliciting responses from car websites is a long, long way from random sampling for the described subject matter. You need to do some research on sampling techniques and develop a sampling protocol. Developing a meaningful database is going to take some work. No shortcuts. And stop cutting your stat classes.

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The UK doesn’t have a 25th Amendment. Even so the folks in Brussels aren’t crazy, just leaning so far left they have to go through doorways sideways plus power hungry. Everything we fought the revolution over.

Why are you even bringing up this stuff . . . ?

What does Europe and politics have to do with a guy asking us to check out a survey . . . ?

Which I have no intention of taking. I’m not clicking on that link, but I notice the number 3 next to it, so it’s been clicked on 3 times, already.

As for that amendment, who cares . . . it’s got nothing to do with the topic of discussion, anyways

As others so often point out, let’s bring it back to cars

Fine, I’ll do it again

Certain japanese brands have a reputation for excellent reliability, certainly among the non-gear head public.

Deservedly so . . . or not?

We don’t just ask people to refrain from discussing domestic politics here; let’s not get into the EU, please.

I clicked the link. Seems that Malek has posted what he said he posted.

Whatever your reactions to his survey or his study design, let us please be respectful. Thanks.


Oh I see. I hadn’t looked at the survey. I thought Barky made a statement concerning
Brexit but it was a question on the survey. Another one is “Individual passenger transporting is nowadays inappropriate.”

Obviously I disagree with that one too. What am I supposed to do walk 5 miles to the hardware store in the snow or collect a few people along the way so its not individual transport?

I couldn’t hardly make it past question 2 though so my humble apologies.

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Why do you find it necessary to drag partisan politics into this? What, between you, here…and MikeinNH brining up unprompted reference to various conservative pundits…and Barkydog getting a hurricane thread locked…it seems ONE particular side of any debate lacks sufficient maturity to stay “on topic.”

P.S. I’m sorry that you’re having such difficulty adhering to the proper political procedures for electing a leader. From your post, it appears you’re insinuating that you’re advocating extralegal measures. I sure hope that isn’t the case!


… seriously, it does read like you’re advocating treason.

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Knock it off with the politics. It’s a car forum. Go to a politics forum. If I don’t get to tell you the many ways you are wrong, you don’t get to make wrong statements. :wink:

@m_grimm I tried to do your survey. You need a better English translator. Many of the questions make absolutely no sense in English.

You should also be aware that euro-centric surveys will probably be skewed by having Americans answer them. For instance, your question about transporting only single people in cars - Europe has overall excellent public transportation, and you can take a train or a bus through multiple countries in one day. Here, we have one state which is 1300km wide. It would take the better part of an entire day to cross it, and there’s no high speed rail to do it with.

Additionally even our cities often have bad public transit. The city I live in is one of them. There are many places I need to go that public transportation does not go anywhere near. I have to drive. So we would naturally answer that it’s OK for single people to travel by car - it’s the only practical way to get some places.

But the biggest problem with your survey in our country is, as I said, the English translation - you absolutely need to get a better translator in order for the answers to the survey to be at all reliable.