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Reseal Front Timing Cover on my 2006 Avalon

I dropped my car off for an oil change at the dealer today and I got a call saying they need to reseal the front timing cover on my car!

The cost a mere: $2,000!

Labor is $1,800!

Has anyone had any experience with this kind of repair?

Any comments thanks

If the seal does indeed require replacement, it shouldn’t cost that much. It’s just a matter of removing the serpentine belt, removing the harmonic balancer, and using a seal puller to remove the old seal from the timing chain cover.

First, make sure the seal is leaking. And if it is, call some independent shops for pricing on replacing the seal.


The 06 Avalon has a timing BELT…What needs to be resealed…This isn’t like a car with a timing chain where oil can leak out.

The 3.5 liter Avalon engine used a timing belt until 2004. Then they changed to a timing chain.