A question for a friend

Hi everybody, and in advance thank you for your help…

My friend drives a 95 Toyota Avalon Xls V6. Her water pump just went up. She’s already priced the part. My question for her is that expensive to put in?

Has she had the timing belt replaced lately? I believe it’s usually a good idea to have that done if your changing the water pump. I’m not sure how much this would cost to do. Maybe around $500 for timing belt and water pump replacement.

I’m fairly certain the water pump on her car is driven off the timing belt. If so, the price of the water pump is about $40 and the price of the labor will be several hundred dollars (four hundred or more). You need to call around to get prices.

The important question for you is, while a mechanic is in there replacing the pump, should you have the timing belt also replaced? (and what about the tensioner, idler bearing, etc). When were those last replaced? Has coolant been leaking on the timing belt for a while? How long do you plan on keeping the car?