Rescued Kitten with paws and tail frozen to tire needs name

Clinger? :wink:


Whatever name the kitten gets for now, once it has a “furever” home it will tell its new “purrson” its true kitty name. :wink::heart_eyes_cat:

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Uniroyal Tiger Paw. Duh.



An unnamed kitten seems like a serious situation for the state of Colorado, I hope it doesn’t result in a delay of the election count.


Around here, there is a vast oversupply of stray cats. They breed like rats, and since there is no socially-acceptable way to get rid of them, the only thing that helps control their population is the occassional very cold winter. Needless to say, if I could find a way to reduce the population of stray cats in my neighborhood that isn’t highly illegal, dangerous, or considered cruel, I’d do it.

In our city stray cats are spayed or neutered, tagged and returned to help with overpopulation and rodent control.

Most communities have a TNR (trap, neuter, return) program. These are privately funded so if you feel strongly about it, make a contribution. There are a lot of rescue groups for stray cats and dogs that will foster, vet and if friendly enough, will transport them to areas where neuter programs have been so successful that their is a shortage of pets at a reasonable price. These also live off of donations.


“Little Mack” apparently didn’t make the cut. :cry: That was my suggestion.