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Replacing the refrigerant control valve on a V5 ac compressor

So after dealing with this and doing an awful lot of research over the past month, I have decided that I probably have a problem with the control valve on the variable compressor that is the source of my summer misery. It is about a $30 part that is just held in by a snap-ring. But I have several problems and would love to hear from someone who has done this before. First - how easy is it to slide under the car and get that snap-ring and the valve off and back on? Second - since I am doing this to AVOID having to take the car to a repair shop - how can I relieve the pressure so that I don’t get shot in the eyeball with this thing like a bullet? And last - how vital is it that the receiver/drier be replaced at the same time?

Make/model/year/miles? Your experience working on car a/c systems?

You will have to evacuate all refrigerants from the system and re-charge once the valve has been replaced. I am not aware of a snap ring holding the control valve cover in place. It usually is a bolt. Once the bolt is removed the valve pops right off. There is spring inside under light pressure, a gasket or O ring and the valve itself. It is easy to replace. Would help to know what model and year car it is because it may be different on yours.

No need to replace the drier, but if yours is an older car it wouldn’t hurt since you already evacuated the refrigerants.