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Replacing the crankshaft sensor in an 02 olds aurora

My 02 olds aurora is giving me a trouble code for the crankshaft sensor and I’d like to replace it myself.
I understand that it is located near the starter motor and I hear rumors that it’s an easy job.
Are these rumors true? Is this something that I can do at home? If so, any tips or tricks?

Let me give a primer to my competency, I feel comfortable changing my own brakes and have successfully replaced the power steering pump and hoses.

You should be able to handle it. Remove the starter. Unplug the connector from the crank sensor. Remove the one bolt that secures the crank sensor to the engine block. Now the fun part. Try to remove the crank sensor from the engine block. If it’s stuck from carbon buildup, take a carbon desolving product such as Seafoam Deep Creep and spray around the sensor. Keep twisting, pulling, spraying on the sensor until the sensor finally comes out of the engine block.