Replacing the belts

Ok, I have a 97 Honda Civic EX, it engine type is D16Y8 5 speed manual transmission. One of my belts has come off, I believe it is the crankshaft belt. I have 3 belts total, one is connected to the a/c compresser, the other to the alternator and then the main that is connected to a three, because of it location and how big the belt is, that is the one that has come off. My questions 1.) Will this be an easy job that I can do? 2.) if so what tools will I need and parts do am I going to have to get? 3.) Where can i find the out how much tension is needed on the belts? 4.) is there any additional info you need from me to help you answer my question? 5.) and last, if I cant do it myself what will this cost me and is there anything else that a mechanic needs to do other than just change the belt? Many thanks to anyone who helps me out!!!

It sounds to me like you’d do well to drop $20 on a repair manual. You can find these at auto parts stores (Haynes or Chiltons). They cover all of these things, and even if you decide not to do this repair yourself the $20 will be well spent and is likely to save you plenty of money over the time you have the car.

Autozone’s website also has online repair manuals but these are much more bare bones than a print manual. But you could look things over there and then decide whether or not to buy one.

Oh ok, sounds like a plan, I wanted to see if it would be an easy job for me to do. I just dont want to spend an arma and a leg to get it fixed if I can do this myself.

I don’t know the specifics for this car/belt - there are likely several people who visit these boards who can say some more. Normally, changing/replacing belts takes no more than average mechanical ability and normal, everyday tools. I’d be surprised if you couldn’t do it yourself.

But either way a repair manual is a great reference for how to do most any repair, how to diagnose problems, and figuring which kinds of things you want to attempt yourself.

It’s not simple. You have to loosen the pivot bolt, and mount bolts, on each component; then, adjust the adjusting screw. You are very unlikely to get it done without the repair manual. The Haynes Repair Manual, part number 42025, has helpful photographs. It will be easier to get to the alternator pivot bolt (see “alternator replacement” in Section 5) if you remove the wheel.
A mechanic’s price? $150? $200? More?

Cool beans,thanks alot going out right now to get what I need!! I’ll let ya know how it works out for me!