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Replacing Struts and Shocks

2006 Buick LaCrosse CX with 67,000 miles and original shocks. What would be a fair price for struts and shocks replacement?

You only have 3 year on these shocks and struts. What makes you think they are ready to replace? Typically, they last 4 years before becoming suspect.

If struts are replaced you will need alinement also.

I agree with your opinion. However, I could run over a stray penny on the road and feel it in the driver’s seat. Is there any reliable test to determine if the struts/shocks are shot?


Typically this is a sympton of high tire pressure. Worn struts will give a “I am driving a marshmallo type feeling” Perhaps it is your tire type,what are you running and how many miles on them? Whas there a possibility when your car was built with some type of performance suspension selected? Many people (driving enthusisats) like that “feel of the road” aspect.

Or the tires are inflated to the MAX PRESSURE stated on the sidewall?


I replaced the shocks on my 4runner when it was only 3 years old…it also had 122k miles on it.

you mean alignment??? Yes you do.