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Shock/strut replacement

Have a 2006 Accord LX V-6 with 83,000 miles. When should shocks/struts be replaced? Have not noticed any handling problems. My mechanic (Honda only) said was ok when checked at approximately 75k miles? Thanks for your response.

Shocks and struts should be replaced if they are leaking or when they are worn out. There is no specific mileage at which they should be replaced. Your Honda mechanic will let you know if you need shocks or struts. Until then, don’t worry about them.

Miles is only a very rough indicator, much depends on the particlar parts, and the streets you drive. I’m now thinking I need to replace mine at 140k. My mechanic talked me out of it at 90k.

If the struts are leaking fluid (light weight oil) then replace them. If the car is bouncing after big bumps replace them. If your mechanic says they are OK they are OK. Struts can last anywhere from 30K to 300K miles and more.

The push test for shocks and struts is to push down on one corner of the car at a time. Get the car moving up and down several inches and release your hands. If the bouncing stops quickly, like immedidately the strut on that wheel is fine. Check all four corners of the car the same way. If a wheel bounces 2 or more times after release that strut is suspect and should be checked out further. Often it will show other signs of wear, leaking, when the car is on the lift and you can see the strut better.

Replacing in pairs is a must, and replacing all 4 at the same time is ideal.

I recently replaced a set of struts with 240K miles on them. I replaced them only b/c the bearings were bad. The ride/handling on the new ones is little different from the old ones - a bit firmer, but without the bad bearings they would have kept going.

I would just wait for problems to start showing (leaking, noise, uneven braking, bottoming, whatever).